About the Wood Ash

Wood Ash Industries owns and operates a wood ash disposal and transfer site located in Gauthier Township, approximately 10 miles east of Kirkland Lake near the Ontario-Quebec border. The 25 year certificate of approval was granted in December of 2002 by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, it is the first privately owned wood ash disposal site of its kind in the province of Ontario.

The site receives wood ash from one source only, Kirkland Lake Power, a wood fired co-generation power plant located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. All wood ash disposed at the site is fully recyclable for reuse under the existing certificate of approval. The Wood Ash contains Biochar suitable for Agricultural & Horticultural use.

Site operations

The high carbon wood ash contains 38% carbon or biochar and is approved for agricultural land applications as a soil amendment by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. It has a high pH suitable for liming with fertilizer value.

The wood ash has also been tested for environmental clean- up applications successfully on mine tailings for acid mine drainage rehabilitation and also for ground water remediation for the removal of hydro-carbons. The presence of carbon or biochar facilitates absorption reacting in a similar fashion to activated carbon.

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