High Carbon Wood Ash Applications & Potential Uses


  • Animal Bedding: Successfully recycling to farmers who mix with wood shavings. After use the bedding can be composted with manure and later spread on fields doubling the economic savings.
  • Soil amendment for bulk agricultural applications
  • Soil amendment for bagged horticultural applications. Compost, odor and slug control.
  • Conditions soil increasing soil fertility & crop yields and adjust pH upwards replacing agricultural lime.


  • The high carbon wood ash was field tested in a Biofilter by the University of Quebec-Rouyn Campus on an abandoned mine site. The wood ash successfully treated the pH of the acid mine drainage and also absorbed heavy metals.
  • Mine tailing rehabilitation-alkaline wood ash neutralizes acidic mine tailings and adds fertilizer values promoting growth and rehabilitation.
  • The wood ash can also be used for mine tailing stabilization due to the presence of Fly Ash.


Groundwater Remediation


  • Wood ash is installed strategically adjacent to the contaminated area.
  • Groundwater flows through the wood ash facilitating contaminate removal.
  • Successfully Lab tested by A&A Environmental to remove hydro-carbons.
  • Site Remediation of Contaminated Soils: ¬†Area of potential.


Waste water Management

  • Wood ash has been used for odour control in Municipal sludge. The ash acts as a bulking agent, the carbon absorbs odours.
  • Treatment of pulp and food processing plants are other areas of potential.



  • Assists in the production of compost with biomass, manure and municipal sludge. Controls odour, adjusts pH and acts as a bulking agent.


Oil and Acid Spill Cleanup

  • Good absorption qualities, suitable for acidic and oil spill clean up.

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