Background and Experience
Mr. Brian Coghlan is the manager and owner of Wood Ash Industries Inc. that operates the wood ash land fill under contract with Northland Power in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
Mr. Coghlan is considered to be one of the leading expert researchers in Wood Ash, Biochar & Wood Fly Ash and has spent the last 12 years researching wood ash. Previous to this, he has spent 30 years in the private sector and public sector. His experience includes; ownership in the food/beverage industry, Federal and Municipal Government finance, property development and management, mining sector project management, direct marketing and wood waste management.



Mr. Coghlan has been elected four terms to Kirkland Lake municipal council where he served for 10 years as a municipal councillor and was chairperson of finance, police services board, and the Teck Pioneer committee of management and also participated in all aspects of municipal management. He possesses a strong, qualified, financial management background, with a broad range of project experience and proven business ownership skills.

Wood Ash Industries Inc. was established in 2002 after the environmental permitting was completed by Coghlan Management to license the 700,000 cubic meter wood ash land fill with a 25 year certificate of approval. Mr. Coghlan oversaw and directly participated in the environmental assessment exemption that included; site selection, public meetings, site design and preparation, the completion of a hydro-geological assessment, the installation of four monitoring wells, site security and the establishment of a ground water monitoring program. The environmental assessment exemption was completed under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, the certificate of approval was licensed under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act.

Coghlan Waste Management 

After bringing the land fill into operation Mr. Coghlan has focused on wood ash recycling initiatives, and has conducted a significant amount of research programs using wood ash samples from wood fired co-generation plants located in Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

Mr. Coghlan will conduct research on a consulting or joint venture approach with co-generation plants looking to set up wood ash recycling programs. Based on the amount of research conducted to date Mr. Coghlan is considered a leader in the research and development field for wood ash. The amount of knowledge gained to date forms the basis of an experienced approach to any recycling initiative a wood fired co-generation plant may have.

Education and Professional Development

  • Graduate of Kirkland Lake Collegiate and Vocational Institute
  • Graduate of Northern College Applied Arts and Technology in Business Administration – Deans List 1972
  • Investment Funds Institute of Canada and Securities Management courses
  • Training and Development Canada: Cost Benefit Analysis 1, Financial Management 1 and 11.