Investors and Corporate Overview




Brian Coghlan manages and owns 100% of Wood Ash Industries Inc. (WAI), it was established in 2002. The business is an aggregate site and a certified Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) wood ash land fill disposal site and transfer station. WAI has 14 years remaining on its certificate of approval and 14 years remaining on its long-term contract with Kirkland Lake Power Corporation (KLPC) a wood fired cogeneration plant. WAI has exclusive rights to all wood ash produced at KLPC and only accepts wood ash from the plant. As of January 2014 there is approximately 300,000 cubic meters (Cu3) of wood ash on site that contains 38% carbon.





The wood ash is MOE approved for agricultural land application and is presently sold to composters and farmers as a soil amendment and for animal bedding. The ash controls odour and has excellent absorption qualities due to the presence of activated carbon. The carbon or char in the ash is a type of biochar, a leading edge growth phenomenon, also suitable for environmental cleanup applications.


WAI conducts joint-venture research with universities and industry proponents. Recently WAI and the University of Quebec used the wood ash in a bio-filter to remediate acid mine drainage from a contaminated mine tailings site. The ash successfully adjusted the pH upwards and absorbed heavy metals that included iron. The high carbon wood ash has also been lab tested, successfully, for the removal of hydrocarbons in contaminated groundwater.  The wood ash in its present on site state has significant potential for a variety of environmental remediation applications in wastewater, groundwater and contaminated soils.


WAI has developed a carbon separation technology that produces fly ash and carbon from the wood ash raw material. Previous market research indicates high potential for a biochar/carbon product where presently there are few suppliers.

Fly Ash research includes use as a; LVL glue filler, underground paste –fill binder and for use as a processing agent in steel castings.



WAI is a profitable corporation that is well positioned for private or public investment and continues to expand the marketing of on site material.

For immediate marketing ideal strategic partners are those who have access to agricultural or environmental remediation markets.

WAI is also seeking toll-processing partnerships with processing companies who have classification infrastructure or investment in a processing plant that would produce carbon and high carbon fly ash.