Presently WAI is a stand-alone profitable business under long term contract with Kirkland Lake Power of which there are 15 years remaining in the contract. WAI has exclusive rights to the wood ash produced at the co-generation plant. Business activities include receiving wood ash from the co-generation plant, recycling wood ash and aggregate activities.


WAI has developed a technology to separate the biochar or carbon and fly ash from the wood ash raw material. There is approximately 150,000 tons of wood ash on site which translates into approximately 100,000 tons of biochar or carbon and approximately 50,000 tons of fly ash. WAI receives approximately 16,000 tons of wood ash annually. A plant has been designed that has a maximum output of 15,000 tons annually. Both biochar and fly ash are marketable at approximately $200 per ton. Financials and a complete pro forma with power point presentations are available for the proposed and existing business.


WAI is presently seeking investors to construct an on-site processing plant, that will produce two value added products while maintaining the existing profitable business. The corporate structure of WAI Inc will accommodate either private or public investment. The principal Mr. Brian Coghlan who owns 100% of WAI Inc will consider all investment proposals with a view to eventually be bought out.


WAI`s long term contract and existing stockpile of wood ash make the existing business and the development of a value added business very attractive. Ideal investors will have access to capital for plant construction and access to marketing contacts that can effectively develop markets into the Biochar, Carbon and High Carbon Fly Ash markets.


Mr. Coghlan can be reached at any time to discuss potential business proposals.

705 568 7877