High Carbon Wood Ash is available in bulk amounts by transport or super sack.

There is presently 300,000 CU3 cubic meters of material on site.

Freight charges will vary to different locations.

For serious inquires please contact

Brian Coghlan
Tel: 705 568 7877



The high carbon wood ash material has the benefits of wood ash and biochar for use in agriculture, horticulture, environmental cleanup and mineral processing. The wood ash is a combination of bottom ash and fly ash and is a by-product of co-generation where wood chips and bark are burned to produce electricity.


Wood ash is used in the garden or lawn to neutralize acidic soils and correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies. The ash is also beneficial in controlling slugs and odour and is suitable for use in composting. The high carbon wood ash material retains moisture and acts as a bulking agent when composted. It also contains potassium and other macro and micro nutrients that are beneficial in growing crops, vegetables and flowers.


For all inquiries please contact:


Brian Coghlan
Wood Ash Industries Inc.
Box 864 Kirkland Lake, ON.
P2N 3K4
Tel: 705 568 7877
Fax: 705 567 4808