Research with High Carbon Wood Ash


WAI has conducted many research programs with private sector companies, government, and universities. These joint venture programs have placed WAI on the leading edge of wood ash research using high carbon wood ash.


The high carbon wood ash areas of research include:

A Preliminary Investigation of High Carbon Wood Ash as a Low Cost Soil/Groundwater Remediant for Site Clean-Ups. The wood ash successfully removed Toluene and Benzene. Dr. George Duncan- A&A Environmental.


Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in a Bio-Filter. The wood ash successfully adjusted the pH and absorbed heavy metals. Tested on site at the Lorraine Mine PQ – Thomas Genty, PHD Thesis-University of Quebec-Rouyn Campus.


Agriculture: The high carbon wood ash has been successfully tested as a soil amendment to adjust pH and for use as cattle bedding when mixed with wood shavings.


Marketing: Adventus Research conducted a preliminary marketing research program on the receptability of a bagged wood ash and biochar product. Both were well received with more of an interest in biochar.


The foregoing research illustrates that high carbon wood ash would qualify as a green technology and can be used for environmental clean-up with related tax deductible research funded programs.


WAI has approximately 300,000 cubic meters of wood ash stockpiled on site allowing it to take on larger rehabilitation projects. Economically wood ash is much more attractive when compared with dig and dump scenarios.

WAI has developed a separation technology that will produce Carbon or Biochar and a High Carbon Fly Ash that is processed from the Wood Ash.


These areas of research are discussed in Biochar and Fly Ash.